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ACME Worldwide Enterprises Patented Products

ACME is proud to announce that we have been recently awarded patents for both our all-electric Gun Active Recoil System and our True Q® Dynamic Motion Seats. The patents reflect years of efforts working through the process and we proud to announce success.

The patents emphasize the unique capability customers receive with ACME products. Our innovative technologies provide customers with true-to-life motion cueing that’s available nowhere else. We’re thrilled to share this news and we look forward to seeing you soon and sharing our now patented products with you.

Dynamic Motion Seat Patent# US 8827709 B1.  ABSTRACT: Embodiments of the present invention comprise a dynamic motion seat with at least five directions of motion for vehicle simulation. View Details

Gun Active Recoil Patent# US 8690575 B1.  ABSTRACT: The present invention is a weapon simulator that is at least partially controlled by a host computer and simulates near actual recoil forces of a weapon via a gun active recoil unit. View Details