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KC-46 ATS Advanced Remote Air Refueling Operator Trainers

Aerial refueling demands precision. Meticulously selected, KC-46 aircrews secure the future for global mobility. From classroom instruction to advanced simulation, Lockheed Martin has mastered an aircrew training experience that accelerates mission readiness. We deliver affordability and agility perfected through training more than 35,000 airmen on 36 aircraft variants every year. Lockheed Martin is with you today, ready to serve as your partner in preparing the men and women vital to the mobility mission.

Sophisticated remote-view aerial refueling tankers where the operator uses cameras to see the refueling environment are the future of the air refueling—the change is revolutionary. Refueling operators will need new trainers to master the skills required for the new tankers. Exceptional training requires exceptional trainers and ACME is ready to support with industry-leading refueling trainers. We've built on our successes learned on working with the USAF KC-135 and KC-10 refueling trainers and put that expertise into the advanced KC-767 trainer for Japan, a remote view trainer just like the new KC-46. ACME is ready to support the future of tanker training with the Right Team, the Right Technology, at the Right Price...Right Now. Air Refueling is really the interaction between three separate flying bodies: The tanker aircraft, the refueling boom, and the receiver aircraft. Each item affects, and is affected by, each of the others. Once the tanker connects the boom to the receiver, forces are transmitted both up and down the boom to both aircraft. ACME's coupled boom model calculates the three the flying bodies, their aerodynamic effects on each other and the forces transmitted between them. It's an art and a science and is why ACME is the leader in Air Refueling Trainers.

Real Experience: The KC-46 ATS Lockheed Martin & ACME Worldwide Team

The U.S. Air Force KC-46 Aircrew Training System will prepare pilots and other on-board operators for air refueling, cargo transport and medical evacuation. Lockheed Martin has submitted a proposal to deliver a full spectrum training experience for KC-46 aircrews that decreases training time and cost. The Air Force announced that it intends to award a contract by Sept. 30, 2012 with the first aircrews expected to begin training under the system in 2016.

The Only Remote Air Refueling Operator Trainer Delivered - ACME KC-767 JBOT

ACME has delivered the world’s first operational Remote Air Refueling Operator trainer to the Japan Air Self Defense Force. The new trainer supports the KC-767J tanker aircraft that features the revolutionary remote air refueling system that replaces traditional glass windows and direct views with an array of sophisticated cameras. The new, ‘JBOT’ is a high-fidelity trainer that fully replicates the air refueling station, controls, instruments, and the digital cameras in the KC-767J tanker aircraft. ‘Boomers’ use the head-mounted display to receive three-dimensional imagery of the lower tanker fuselage, the refueling boom, and the receiver. The camera system maximizes depth perception and provides pinpoint control, critical features when just 40 feet of boom separate the tanker and receiver in flight.  

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