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Dynamic Motion Seats offer better cost and better capability for your simulators. The key difference is that motion capability is built right into the seat body. That key capability is a terrific advantage for your program in many ways. Here’s how you the seat helps your program.

Save Money Many Ways!

  • Much Lower Purchase Cost – Motion Platforms can cost millions. ACME Dynamic Motion seats are a tiny fraction of the cost.
  • Much Lower Facility Costs – Motion platforms often need custom, costly facilities. Dynamic Motion Seats fit right into your cockpit. No direct costs to modify or build your facility to support a motion platform. Little or no direct costs to modify your simulator.
  • Much Lower Support Costs – Motion Platforms may need hydraulic systems to power the legs, and the big actuators are expensive. More equipment drives more cost! Motion seats use cost-saving electric motors that use facility electricity. Save in purchase price and with spare parts.
  • Crew Seats and Cueing – The simulator must have the crew seats. Save by eliminating some of the cost by needing a platform and the crew seats. Buy seats with the motion built in.

Better Motion Cueing = Better Simulator Training

Unique Motion Cues – Dynamic Motion Seats provide capability like sustained g-cues, signature cues like translational lift, and pressure that can’t be done with other systems. Feel ground effects, impacts, vibrations, ordnance employment, ground fire, malfunctions, engine effects, and more. These are important training cues that can improve your simulator’s performance.

Feel onset and Sustained Cues- Motion Platforms move and reset to neutral so the legs are ready for the next excursion. This means platforms provide only onset cues. Motion Seats add pressure and motion so the crew feels onset and sustained g-cues during the maneuvers.

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