Mission & Quality

ACME Quality Assurance

  • Prevent non-conformance during contract performance
  • Prompt detection of non-conformance
  • Provisions for timely and effective corrective actions
  • Procedures mirror the ISO 9001 areas
  • ACME Quality Assurance is Based on Four Cornerstones
  • Detection – Promptly identify and isolate non-conformance
  • Prevention – Preclude non-conformance during contract performance
  • Correction – Implement provisions for timely and effective corrective actions
  • Production – Our procedures mirror the ISO 9001 areas

Corporate Commitment

  • Integrate quality into all program activities
  • Provide quality products while striving to exceed customer expectations

ACME has established and documented a Quality Assurance System in compliance with applicable portions of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standard. The Quality Assurance System is administrated through written policy, procedures, and instructions. The Quality Assurance Procedures provide the methods of compliance to the system elements of ISO 9001:2000. Written instruction is provided to cover work, inspection, and test instructions for individual products.

Where deemed necessary, operational procedures are developed for functional activities that have an effect on product/service quality. Quality Records are generated through the implementation of the Quality Assurance System, to provide objective evidence of compliance and to measure the effectiveness of the system. The Quality Assurance System is managed by the Quality Manager.

The Quality Assurance System provides an effective and economical system for assuring product/service quality in all phases of the operation and to provide continual improvement.

Operating Philosophy

ACME Worldwide Enterprises is fully committed to a quality management process with quality as a foundational business principle. The core of the process is achieving customer satisfaction by meeting our internal and customer requirements on time. Employee participation in a continuous improvement effort develops, reviews and implements the quality assurance system, procedures, and practices needed to meet the highest standards. The end goal is to continue meeting world-class standards for the mutual benefit of our customers and employees.

Management Policy Statement

ACME management fully supports and provides the necessary resources for continual implementation of the quality assurance system. All management levels participate in quality assurance activities incorporated into daily functional requirements. No product is shipped to the customer until its quality and conformance to customer specifications is assured. Management assesses the effectiveness of the quality system on a regular basis and directs internal efforts towards continual improvement.

*ACME is a participant of the New Mexico 9000 Program, a collaboration between the State of New Mexico, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, and Honeywell FM&T – Kansas City, MO.