ACME Dynamic Motion Seats

The ACME S-70 Dynamic Motion Seat

The S-70 is a versatile, medium-size, twin-engine helicopter built by the Sikorsky Aircraft company and used for commercial and military aviation program worldwide. The S-70 is a transport helicopter providing vertical mobility for personnel and cargo. Variants of the helicopter have been used for transport, rescue, vertical replenishment, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, firefighting, medical evacuation, special forces support, armed reconnaissance, and presidential support. 

The military variant of the S-70 is the H-60.  Because of its exceptional capability the H-60 has been customized into dozens of variant types for each of the specific mission profiles. Variants of the H-60 include Blackhawks, Seahawks, Firehawks, Knighthawks, Pavehawks, Jayhawk, and Navalhawks. The aircraft is used by the US Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Custom and Border Patrol aviation units. 

ACME’s Dynamic Motion Seat (DMS) for S-70 simulators mirrors the look, feel, and functionality of the actual aircraft seat down to the smallest details like the actual harnesses, cushions, and buckles. ACME’s patented, multi-channel motion system within the seat provides realistic cues for all ground and flight operations for the S-70 including normal and emergency events.  

ACME Dynamic Motion Seats Helicopter Type Details Images

S-70 Harness and Belts

S-70 Adjustment Knob

S-70 Harness and Seat Detail

S-70 Replica Seat Cushions

ACME S-70 Dynamic Motion Seat

  • Dynamic Motion Seat (DMS)
  • Electronics Chassis
  • DMS Computer System (Can drive 2 Electronic Chassis and 2 Seats)
  • Connecting Cables
  • DMS Maintenance Manuals
  • Daily Operational Readiness Test (DORT) Software
  • Vertical seat adjustments
  • Electric motors eliminates expensive hydraulics and maintenance intensive pneumatic systems
  • Easy access to system components for maintenance and tuning
  • Standard Safety Switches/Systems: Weight on Seat / Loss of Signal at DMS Computer / Crew Enable / Self Monitoring System

ROLE – New missions and roles, including mine laying and medical evacuation
MANUFACTURER – Sikorsky S-70
PRIMARY USERS – Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and United States

ACME S-70 DMS Product Information