Helicopter Hoist Trainer

Many helicopters include a cable hoist system that allows hovering helicopters to lower or raise cargo or personnel from the helicopter door. A wide range of military helicopters use the hoist system to rescue or extract forces from the ground while keeping the helicopter safely airborne. The hoist trainer can move in three directions (X,Y, Z) Fore/Aft, Inboard/Outboard, and Up/Down simultaneously. This enables the cable to move realistically as it would in the helicopter with a load suspended from the hoist. Also, tension on the cable indicates the weight of the suspended load or obstructions operating on the load.


The hoist operator monitors and controls the load on the hoist cable and relays load status to the pilot. Hoist operators monitor the load status by feel, with a hand on the cable, especially during night operations. The operator feels the speed of the hoist cable extending or retracting and determines if the cable is spooling smoothly. Crews can feel the tension on the hoist that indicates when the load is airborne or when the hoist is snagged. Plus, the load can sway which the operator feels as the cable moves back and forth. Crews need to learn to interpret the meaning of those cable sensations. 

Learning to read the cable’s tactile cues requires lots of practice and doing that training in an airborne helicopter is expensive. Instead, train that interpretative touch on the cable right in your office with ACME’s Helicopter Hoist Trainer.

ACME’s Helicopter Hoist Trainer can provide complete training capability for crews. With ACME, crews can:

  • Extend or Retract the cable and vary the speed using the pendant controller
  • Feel the Hoist load move dynamically laterally and fore/aft
  • Feel cable tension variations indicating changing load conditions

Train your Specific Requirements

ACME’s Hoist Trainer is customizable to meet specific training needs

  • Looped cable or Drum systems available
  • Generic spool gantries or as-actual upper/lower gantries and motor housing
  • Fixed or Deployable/Retractable spool systems
  • Works with Virtual Reality or Direct View systems for out-the-door views
    • Cable wire aligns/interfaces with visual system to show the cable below the aircraft

Modular Hoist Trainer swappable with ACME Gun Trainer Module

  • ACME’s Versatile system enables customers to have one helicopter trainer with both hoist and door gunner modules
  • Hoist and Gunner Trainer use the same ACME electronics – save costs and reconfiguration time!

Reduce Infrastructure Demands

ACME’s Hoist Trainer is a small-footprint system that allows complete training right in the classroom, in the office, or as an element in a larger helicopter simulator system.