ACME M2 GAR® in Training

ACME M2 Replica Weapon System

ACME produces M2 machine gun simulators that give the full-force, full rate of recoil feel of the actual weapon in a full scale gun replica that can be mounted on any aircraft, watercraft or vehicle simulator.  Our machine gun simulators use a unique, patented all-electric Gun Active Recoil system within the mounting cradle to provide the recoil. ACME’s gun active recoil is the only weapon training system available anywhere that provides training critical, full force recoil using an electric system.  ACME produces unique machine gun weapon training systems that feature full-force, all-electric recoil at full rate of fire.  ACME’s weapon training systems combine high fidelity replica weapons, that are not firearms, our patented, Gun Active Recoil System (GAR®) weapon cradle, and the electronics to drive it.

 M2 Weapon Facts

The M2 Machine Gun or Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun is a heavy machine gun designed towards the end of World War I by John Browning. It is very similar in design to Browning’s earlier M1919 Browning machine gun, which was chambered for the .30-06 cartridge. The M2 uses the much larger and much more powerful .50 BMG cartridge, which was developed alongside and takes its name from the gun itself (BMG standing for Browning Machine Gun). The M2 has been referred to as “Ma Deuce”, as a GI phonetic slang or “the fifty” in reference to its caliber. The design has had many specific designations; the official designation for the current infantry type is Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2, HB, Flexible. It is effective against infantry, unarmored or lightly armored vehicles and boats, light fortifications and low-flying aircraft. The M2 machine gun has been in production longer than any other machine gun.

The Browning .50 caliber machine gun has been used extensively as a vehicle weapon and for aircraft armament by the United States from the 1930s to the present. It was heavily used during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Falklands War, and during the Iraq War and War in Afghanistan in the 2000s and 2010s. It is the primary heavy machine gun of NATO countries, and has been used by many other countries. The M2 has been in use longer than any other small arm in U.S. inventory except the .45 ACP M1911 pistol, also designed by John Browning.

The current M2HB is manufactured in the United States by General Dynamics and U.S. Ordnance for use by the United States government, and for U.S. Foreign Allies via FMS sales. FN Herstal has manufactured the M2 machine gun since the 1930s.

ACME M2 GAR® Product Images

M2 Right Side View

M2 Top Cover

M2 Handles and Trigger

M2 Charing Handle

ACME M2 GAR® Replica Weapon System

Realistic Recoil at the Grips

Full Suite of I/O Sensors

Realistic Rate of Fire

Variable Torque for Wind Forces

  • M2 End User: US Army Land-based, Threat Awareness Training System
  • M2 End User: US Navy, multiple Shore-based Training Systems
  • M2 End User: US DoD Contractor, Demonstrator System
  • M2 End User: US DoD Contractor, Demonstrator System
  • M2 End User: US Navy, Shore-based testing system (FIST-FIAC)
  • XM218 End User: USMC SMC CH-47, CH-53 Helicopter Trainer

  • Trigger Position
  • Replica Bolt Position
  • Top Cover Position
  • Ammunition Present
  • Charge Handle Position

  • Muzzle Flash
  • Jammed Round LED
  • Replica Laser

  • Misfire
  • Jam
  • Runaway
  • Cookoff
  • Sluggish Fire


  • M2HB
  • GAU-18
  • XM218
  • Replica Weapon – Ultra realistic M2 weapon with sensors.
  • Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) – Weapon Cradle with integral, patented, all-electric, full-force, full-rate-of-fire recoil.
  • Electronics Chassis – Provides power and electronic drives for gun sensor and recoil system.
  • Weapon Mount – Can be a tripod or specific vehicle or aircraft mount.
  • Power and Signal Cables – Standard 25’ Cables allow weapon training away from remotely located electronics and power source.
  • Technical Data Package – Standard Operations & Maintenance Manual, Interface Control Document, Acceptance Test Procedures.
  • Warranty – One-year, Return-to-Factory warranty protects the product.

ACME M2 GAR® Product Information