ACME Dynamic Motion Seats

The ACME T-7 Dynamic Motion Seat

ACME’s T-7 Dynamic Motion Seat (DMS) is a high-fidelity replica of the aircraft ejection seat specialized for the T-7A Red Hawk aircraft. ACME’s DMS is built from engineering data licensed from the ejection seat manufacturer and  looks and feels just like the actual seat It mounts in the simulator just like the ejection seat too. The DMS features ACME’s patented full motion cueing system inside the seat and includes actuated shoulder harnesses and powered seat-height adjustments.

The small details are critical for realism and training capability. Everything the crew touches on the replica seat is like it is in the aircraft including levers, handles, cushions, harnesses, buckles. ACME even mimics the subtle but important distinctions like the canopy breakers atop the seat so crews realistically practice getting in and out of the seat as they will in the aircraft.

ACME includes a range of special features on the T-7 motion seat. For example, the seat includes the articulated headrest, leg retraction straps, replica oxygen bottle, arming and ejection handles,  and the rescue kit deployment switches. The shoulder harnesses can include also specialized buckles to match customer needs. The seats internal sensors report the state of the seat levers and controls to the simulator instructor station too.

With the realistic motion cues and the precise fidelity details, crews can use the seat for flying cues, an ingress/egress trainer, or even an ejection trainer.

T-7 Red Hawk Facts

The Boeing–Saab T-7 Red Hawk, is the new, advanced jet training aircraft. The new aircraft will help new pilots prepare for jet fighters particularly for the complexities of the 4th and 5th generation fighters.

The aircraft was selected on 27 September 2018 by the United States Air Force (USAF)  as the winner of the T-X program to replace the Northrup T-38 Talon trainer jet.

The T-7A is officially named the Red Hawk as a tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen famous as fighter escorts protecting US Army Air Force bomber crews over heavily-defended locations. Their valor won three Distinguished Unit Citations. The Tuskegee Airmen are known for the brightly painted red-tails on their pursuit aircraft. The Red Hawk name also harkens to the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk one of the first fighters flown by the Tuskegee Airmen.

ACME Dynamic Motion Seats Fighter Type Details Images

Shoulder Harness

ACME G-Suits

Seat Pan

Pitot Tube

ACME T-7 Dynamic Motion Seat

  • Dynamic Motion Seat (DMS)
  • Electronics Chassis
  • DMS Computer System (Can drive 2 Electronic Chassis and 2 Seats)
  • Connecting Cables
  • DMS Maintenance Manuals
  • Daily Operational Readiness Test (DORT) Software
  • Vertical seat adjustments
  • Electric motors eliminates expensive hydraulics and maintenance intensive pneumatic systems
  • Easy access to system components for maintenance and tuning
  • Standard Safety Switches/Systems: Weight on Seat / Loss of Signal at DMS Computer / Crew Enable / Self Monitoring System

ROLE – Advanced Jet Trainer


MANUFACTURER –  Boeing- Saab

PRIMARY USERS – United States Air Force

ACME T-7 DMS Product Information