The ACME AH-1Z Dynamic Motion Seat

Maneuverable. Precise. Lethal. The AH-1Z Viper is all this and more for the battlefield. It’s the US Marine Corps premier attack helicopter and it’s a revolution in capability. In many ways, this helicopter is like a fast-mover, fixed wing attack aircraft with heavy armaments, higher speeds, and even g-loads that are rarely found in a helicopter.

 ACME’s True Q® Dynamic Motion Seat can help crews learning to fly this hot helicopter. True Q® provides Viper crews critical training cues like g-onset and sustained g’s that can help train effective pop-ups from low-level to target runs without over-g’s on the aircraft. The seat can cue for maneuvers, weapons fire, turbulence, weather effects, throttle changes, vibrations, and even aircraft malfunctions. ACME’s Viper DMS system includes pilot and weapon officer seats driven by a single computer system that ensures crews train together in the realistic motion environment.

AH-1Z Helicopter Facts

The Viper or the Zulu, is the newest generation of the long line of AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters that debuted in the 1960s. The tandem-seat Viper features all glass cockpits, updated electronics, digital moving maps, and advanced helmet mounted displays.

The aircraft benefits from powerful new engines and four-blade composite rotor. The twin General Electric turboshaft engines producing 1,800 shaft horsepower drive the helicopter to a maximum speed of 255mph and a service ceiling above 20,000 feet. Rate of climb is 2,790 feet per minute and range is 264 miles.

 Larger weapon stubs support a wide range of ordnance options including anti-tank missiles, rockets, and even air-to-air missiles. A 20mm M197 three-barreled Gatling-style cannon in a chin turret complements the hardpoint ordnance punch. The AN/APG78 Longbow radar handles fire control.

ACME Dynamic Motion Seats Helicopter Type Details Images

AH-1Z Belt Detail

AH-1Z Adjustment Knob

AH-1Z Harness Detail

AH-1Z Adjustment Knob

ACME AH-1Z Dynamic Motion Seat

  • Dynamic Motion Seat (DMS)
  • Electronics Chassis
  • DMS Computer System (Can drive 2 Electronic Chassis and 2 Seats)
  • Connecting Cables
  • DMS Maintenance Manuals
  • Daily Operational Readiness Test (DORT) Software
  • Vertical seat adjustments
  • Electric motors eliminates expensive hydraulics and maintenance intensive pneumatic systems
  • Easy access to system components for maintenance and tuning
  • Standard Safety Switches/Systems: Weight on Seat / Loss of Signal at DMS Computer / Crew Enable / Self Monitoring System

ROLE – Attack Helicopter
MANUFACTURER – Bell Helicopter
INTRODUCTION – 30 September 2010
PRIMARY USERS – United States Marine Corps

ACME AH-1Z DMS Product Information