I/ITSEC Show – Orlando, FL

The Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) trade show was exciting this year and we got the opportunity there to talk with many folks about motion seats and replica gun training systems. The show seemed to be ‘up’ a bit from the last year or two and we saw many new faces and a wide variety of new technologies. We met customers from across the globe too. It’s good to see that level of global participation at the show and it was great to see you there!

At the show this year, ACME demonstrated our brand-new NH90 helicopter motion seat and our fighter motion seat. This was the first time out-in-the-wild for the NH90 motion seat and customers enjoyed it, particularly the new harness tightening technology that provides impressive cues for rapid descents and decelerations.

ACME also enjoyed our work with three different companies who all showed different variants of our patented Gun Active Recoil technology at I/ITSEC. We truly appreciate their support at the show and we’re glad to help provide replica guns for their trainer systems. We recommend stopping by their websites to have a look at their capabilities too!

Wegmann USA demonstrated their Amphibious Assault Vehicle turret trainer at the show. The turret trainer included both a replica Mk-19 grenade launcher and a replica M2 machine gun both with realistic, full-force recoil provided by a single ACME GAR® recoil unit. This trainer even included the belt feed system that feeds the dummy rounds through the turret to and through the replica weapons. What an exciting demonstrator!

Fidelity Technologies’ I/ITSEC demonstrator included an ACME M240 replica weapon system with GAR® recoil. The demonstrator allowed folks to engage targets with the replica weapon from both land-based and helicopter gun platforms. This was a very dynamic demonstration and a hit with folks who wanted to see the weapon integrated into training scenarios.

Kratos Defense had both ACME M2 and M240 replica weapons as part of their aircraft gunnery demonstrator. The demo was at Kratos’ local facility where customers could see the system. Kratos’ demonstrator focused on helicopter gunnery training where the weapons (and gunners) had extensive look-down/fire down capability.

We look forward to the show next year and seeing you there. Please feel free to drop us a note and let us know what kind of ACME technology you look forward to seeing at the show.