Canadian CH-147 Gunner

Canadian CH-147 Gunner

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) recently accepted a suite of CH-147 Chinook simulators and training devices from CAE and their team of support companies. The suite of trainers is now ready-for-use at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Petawawa.

ACME Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. (ACME) is a proud to be part of the CAE team for the Integrated Gunnery Trainer (IGT). CAE, a worldwide leader in simulation and training, led CH-147 IGT trainer team. CAE provided the trainer’s visual, audio, ballistics, and computer systems, and the system integration.

ACME provided the reconfigurable fuselage and enclosure, lighting, replica weapons, and mounts. The trainer can emulate either window or rear ramp gunner positions.

The trainer includes ACME’s high-fidelity, replica machine guns and patented all-electric recoil system. The replicas look, feel and function like actual guns and provide full rate of fire and full recoil force for training. The gunnery system can mimic the airstream loads on the weapon barrels protruding from the helicopter.

The gunnery elements mate to CAE’s ballistics models and visual display systems. The result is exceptional gunnery training for Canadian forces in the newest CH-147 helicopters.

Congratulations to the RCAF on their new suite of CH-147 trainers and our thanks to CAE for choosing ACME for the team.

ACME Worldwide Enterprises Inc. produces replica weapon training systems for military training worldwide including infantry, vehicles, aviation, seaborne, and Special Forces applications. ACME weapon training systems feature high fidelity replica weapons and patented, all-electric Gun Active Recoil systems that feature full rate of fire and recoil.