ACME Dynamic Motion Seat Overview

The ACME VMAX Dynamic Motion Seat

Simulation and training needs can be immensely different and budgets directly parallel the range of needs. Effective simulation and training products must feature both performance the meets the training need and pricing that meets the budget. This combination of performance and price is exactly why we’ve introduced the VMax Motion Seat.

  • Need realistic cueing without breaking the bank? Vmax.
  • Need motion cues but don’t need an exact replica of a specific aircraft seat? VMax
  • Need pitch/roll/yaw cues in a seat but not the price of 6 separate channels? Vmax.
  • Need motion cues in a seat but not all the accessories like oxygen bottles, articulated levers, or harnesses? Vmax
  • Need motion but not I/O feedback for things like safety pins? Vmax
  • Need motion for a PTT but not the WST Motion price? Vmax
  • Need a more generic seat for reconfigurable aircraft sims? Vmax
  • Need realistic motion cueing that starts at just $60k? Vmax

VMax is great when you need more focus on the motion elements and less focus on the visual elements. Vmax is great when you really need motion and you really need to manage budget.  We’ve packed our core motion technology into a basic, generic type aircraft seat replica and coupled it with cost-effective electronics and computing. VMax still uses our patented motion technology and sophisticated motion algorithms. It still provides multiple motion channels including exceptional yaw cueing channel and can still be used for aircraft, watercraft or land vehicle simulators and trainers. It still provides realistic cues like you’ve come to expect with ACME True Q motions, it still flat-out performs…it just does it with a bit more focus on your budget.

ACME VMAX Dynamic Motion Seat

ACME VMAX DMS Product Information