Lockheed Martin F-15 Dynamic Motion Seats

Project Overview- After the successful F-16 Motion Seat program, Lockheed-Martin again selected ACME to provide motion cueing seats for the F-15 simulators that L-M is producing for an undisclosed customer. Under this contract, ACME is to provide 12 (True Q® Dynamic Motion Seats 6 ship sets) with G-suit and Mask Air pneumatic systems for F-15 simulators

Lockheed Martin selected ACME’s commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) ACES II type seats for the F-15 simulators. These True Q® Motion Seats include ACME’s patented motion cueing technology that drives multiple motion plates within the seat to apply motion and pressure directly to the pilot to provide realistic in-flight motion cueing.

ACME’s motion seats will provide full, 6-degree-of-freedom motion cues to realistically emulate motion sensations across the simulated flight envelope. The seats will be installed in Lockheed Martin’s F-15 simulators where pilots will complete air-to-air combat, air-to-surface missions, air combat maneuvers and tactical intercepts with 360-degree full mission trainers.

The F-15 True Q® motion seats to be delivered by ACME for this program will be high fidelity replicas of the ACESII ejection seats installed in the F-15 aircraft. True Q® motion seats translate host computer inputs into motion cues to produce realistic cueing for simulations. These seats utilize motion force cueing to provide realistic kinesthetic (sense of movement) and somatic (skin pressure) conditions with control algorithms designed to accurately emulate the aircraft environment. The DMS motion-cueing enables the seat to fully support all aircraft normal and emergency modes of operation.

The seats will look, feel, and function like the actual aircraft seat and include a range of additional features like articulated pull-to-eject handles, arming/safing lever, emergency oxygen actuation ring, and seat deployment and transponder switches. The levers and handles on the seats are coupled to I/O sensors that provided position feedback to ACME’s motion seat manager software application that provides one-touch control and management for the seat systems.

The motion seats will also be delivered with G-suit and Mask Air systems that are driven by the motion seat computer. The variable pressure G-suit system is designed to provide G-acceleration effects that provide pilot cues for G-forces during F-15 simulated missions.

The system also incorporates a pressurized breathing air system to provide clean, regulated air to the crew member to replicate the use of the oxygen system in the F-15 aircraft.

Company: Lockheed Martin