Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) Full-Force Recoil

Full-Force Recoil Effect

ACME produces machine gun simulators that give the full-force, full rate of recoil feel of the actual weapon in a full scale gun replica that can be mounted on any aircraft, watercraft or vehicle simulator.  Our machine gun simulators use a unique, patented all-electric Gun Active Recoil system within the mounting cradle to provide the recoil. ACME’s gun active recoil is the only weapon training system available anywhere that provides training critical, full force recoil using an electric system.  ACME produces unique machine gun weapon training systems that feature full-force, all-electric recoil at full rate of fire.  ACME’s weapon training systems combine highly realistic replica (non-weapon) guns, our patented, Gun Active Recoil System (GAR®) weapon cradle, and the electronics to drive it.

Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) Full-Force Recoil Videos

ACME M2 GAR® Adjustable Rate-of-Fire
Adjustable Rate-of-Fire Capability.

ACME’s GAU-21 Recoiling.