Hello Europe!

The customer is king! ACME believes business should come to the customer and learn about your needs. Listening and understanding your requirements first is key.

So, we’re at the ITEC simulation show in London to talk with our European customers.  We look forward to meeting you, face to face, and learning about you and your program needs.

Looking around, we’re find we’re the only motion seat simulator provider here…

ACME Booth at ITEC 2016

ACME Booth at ITEC 2016

Here’s a few ideas of how we can help you: At the show today we’ve already talked with folks who needed:

  • To renew an older trainer with an obsolete motion platform with cost-effective motion seats.
  • Cueing for vehicle simulators featuring specific surface texture cues. Vehicle simulator folks, we hear your need for effective cueing!
  • Motion cueing to provide realism for Drilling/Mining simulators
  • Motion cueing systems armored vehicle trainers
  • Motion seats for helicopter simulators

Together with the customer, we both found that we can help with all those motion cueing needs and more.  That’s the value of meeting face to face and talking about customer needs.

We found that several folks did not know about the unique capabilities of motion seats. They were surprised and happy to learn that capability existed to fit motion cueing right into the seat and then right into their simulators.

We look forward to meeting YOU.