Proven Products, Ready Now

Prototypes (or new production designs) begin at step one. Design Step 1 is also Cost Step 1 and there’s lots more potential cost steps ahead on the production highway.

Even for the highest quality products, new designs often need refinement or corrections. Prototypes – the first production asset – need integration and testing. And any issues must be corrected before the asset is ready for release to the world. Sometimes new designs need new tooling or processes for manufacturing the new asset. New designs need new tests and supporting documentation. New designs equal new tests, documents, engineering, more tweaks and corrections. It’s new, new, new, more, more, more… all of which means costs to the customer.

Why bear development costs if a proven production version is available?

Save yourself and your company time, money, and effort: buy the production version, not the prototype.

ACME has proven, production versions of its True-Q® Dynamic Motion Seat systems that cut development costs. But you may ask: What products? Proven by whom? Since when?

Let’s look at the numbers!

11 years of ACME Seats – ACME has designed and produced Dynamic Motion Seats for more than a decade. ACME knows motion seats!


96 Motion Seats Delivered- That’s a lot of seats out there, in use everyday, training crews.


14 Nations use ACME Motion Seats – ACME motion seats are used worldwide. No need to be a lone test case for another vendor. With ACME, you’ll join an international community using True Q® Dynamic Motion Seats.


4 US Military Services Use ACME Motion Seats – Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard have long used ACME motion seats in their training simulators.


9 Helicopter Seats – ACME makes nine different types of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) helicopter seats. That’s nine proven products –not prototypes, not engineering designs. Customers can purchase each version by part number without incurring engineering development costs.


6 Fighter Jet Seats – Just like the helicopter seats, these are proven production versions that require no engineering or design effort. These are full fidelity seats that look, feel, and function like the real ejection seats. In many cases, ACME builds the seats from the original ejection seat OEM data under license.


11 Major Customers – Eleven different, major prime contractors have chosen ACME True Q® Dynamic Motion Seats. Several customers have chosen ACME repeatedly, over many years, for multiple simulator orders.


Custom Solutions for Custom Needs

But, sometimes, a specialized motion seat solution is needed. ACME can design and build custom seat systems and types to fit any needs. Even here, customers can save costs with proven, not prototype systems. Each of ACME’s motion seats use the same patented technology at their core. The outer shape of the seat may change but the proven core components – motors, linkages, electronics and software systems – are similar.

So what can this core motion technology be used for? Let’s go look at the numbers again.


24 Different Customer Requests – Customers worldwide have asked ACME for Dynamic Motion Seats. The customer base grows daily.


26 Different seat types proposed– Often customers request unique solutions for motion seat systems. ACME has proposed 26 different types of seat systems. And the requests are not limited to aviation applications. The True Q® technology is great for other vehicles, too. Here’s some examples of customer requests:

2 Locomotive Seats – Locomotive engineer training benefits from realistic cueing too! ACME created motion seats for two different locomotive simulators. We can use this expertise to help with your rail vehicle cueing needs.

Seacraft – The sea is an ever-changing environment. It’s one that can go from safe to threatening in a moment. Feeling the sea state is a key for many maritime trainers. ACME has proposed seats for submersibles, hovercraft, ships, and boats.

Wheeled Vehicles – Customers have a wide range of requests for wheeled vehicles. ACME has seat production versions and designs to answer each need. Customer have asked for seats for buses, cars, military trucks, and even race cars.