It’s a busy Autumn at ACME where we have dozens of replica weapon systems in work right now. Our highbay is full of different weapons for many customers and many programs.

There’s replica weapons completely across the shop. A quick glance shows GAU-21’s, M240’s, M2s, and M-134 replica weapons all in work. And every one of the weapons includes with the full- force, all-electric recoil system.


Plus, the range of weapon ‘accessories’ is impressive. There’s mounts, feed chutes, exhaust tubes, tripods, electronics, barrels, trigger bodies, charge handles, and cables. There’s giant, 600-round ammo cans, smaller weapon mounted cans, and belts and belts of inert .30 and .50 caliber ammunition. The finished guns will have everything needed for complete training.

There’s even a unique, motorized feed system in work for an amphibious, armored personnel carrier trainer. The system cycles replica 40mm grenade rounds through a simulated Mk-19 weapon. Plus, we recently shipped a massive, motorized, self-correcting boat mount with our patented recoil system built-in. We needed the shop space!


The shop is thumping with the sounds of replica weapon testing. Some guns recoil at 500 rounds a minute and others at 3000 rounds a minute. It’s almost like a small gun symphony of recoil sounds. It’s impressive to hear that vast range of fire from single rounds to thousands a minute all using the same Gun Active Recoil technology. And, during testing, the rate of fire varies as testers shoot. You can easily hear the shift in rate of fire while they’re ‘shooting’.

We have systems in work with the windloading motors to emulate airstream loads on the gun. Other systems in work have the laser designator replicas atop. There are systems in work for helicopter trainers, shore mounts, and more. Customers have a wide range of options on the ACME replica systems and there’s one of almost every option in work right now.

It’s gun’s galore here at ACME. We’re excited to get these completed and out to Soldiers, Sailors, and Marine gunners for training.