Finmeccanica - Alenia Aermacchi M-346

Finmeccanica – Alenia Aermacchi M-346

The Finmeccanica – Alenia Aermacchi M-346 is an advanced lead-in fighter trainer aircraft selected by several global air forces, including Italy Flag_of_Italy.svg , Singapore 23px-Flag_of_Singapore.svg , Israel  Flag_of_Israel.svg , and Poland 23px-Flag_of_Poland.svg. The aircraft is supported with a comprehensive ground-based training system to help meet the pilot training needs. The ground-based training system includes full-mission simulators featuring realistic controls, instruments, communications, and advanced aural, visual, and cueing systems.

CAE, a global leader in training and simulation, is Finmeccanica – Alenia Aermacchi’s partner in developing the M-346 simulators. Since 2010, CAE has selected ACME Worldwide as a subcontractor on several M-346 programs to provide motion cueing seats and G-suit systems.

Under these contracts, ACME has provided CAE with True Q® Dynamic Motion Seats that are high fidelity replicas of the actual M-346 aircraft ejection seats and include ACME’s patented motion technology built right into the seat. The seats’ all-electric motion system uses individual motion plates/pans that provide cues directly to the crew’s body to provide complete, realistic, immersive cueing. The seats look, feel, and function like actual crew seats, and provide cues to emulate sensations felt during flight operations.

ACME has also provided G-suit trainer systems that are driven by the motion seat computer. The G-suit system provides variable pressure and vacuum linked to varying g-loads in the full-mission simulator. The G-suit pressures provide highly realistic training cues in the simulator that corresponds to accelerations and g-effects in the aircraft. The pneumatic equipment and filters for the G-suit also provides medically clean, mask air for the crews in the simulators.

ACME contracts with CAE for M-346 trainer motion cueing systems include:

  • 2010 – One M-346 Dynamic Motion Seat with G-suit and Mask Air systems for the Italian Air Force M-346 full-mission simulator;
  • 2011 – Two separate M-346 Dynamic Motion Seat with G-suit and Mask Air systems for the Republic of Singapore Air Force M-346 full-mission simulators;
  • 2014 – Four separate G-suit/Mask Air Systems for the Israeli Air Force s M-346 full-mission simulators and operational flight trainers;
  • 2015 – One M-346 Dynamic Motion Seat with G-suit and Mask Air systems for the second Italian Air Force M346 full-mission simulator.