ACME T-X Dynamic Motion Seat

ACME Demonstrated the Dynamic Motion Seat at the T-X Industry Days in San Antonio, TX

It’s been a whirlwind of activity lately at ACME and we’re just catching our breath. August went so quickly and here it is already at the Fiscal Year end.

It was great to see many of you at the T-X Industry Day in San Antonio in August and we wanted to say Thanks for the opportunity to show you our fighter motion seat and chat about the T-X program. We’re glad that so many folks got to experience the motion seat and fly both the air refueling and formation flight scenarios in our little cockpit while at the Industry Day. It’s always great to see people’s faces light up as they fly the seat and it all just clicks—the motion really is convincing.

T-X day was interesting–It will be a melancholy thing for many of us old (retired, not old!) USAF folks to see the Talon go, but for sure, the T-X development is going to be an exciting time for aircraft enthusiasts worldwide.

We’re sorry if we missed you at the T-X Industry day but we’re working hard on a lot more outreach to get out there with our True Q Dynamic Motion Seat. We’re heading for I/ITSEC in Orlando in December and we’ll be at WepTac in Las Vegas in January. Hope to see you there!