ACME produces many different replica weapon systems. Why? Well, different customers have different specific needs. What if ACME doesn’t have the weapon type you need? We can still help. Here’s how…

First, nearly everything ACME produces can be tailored to meet specific customer needs. Simple changes can make the weapon system meet your needs. These ‘tweaks’ to existing products is fairly common. Second, we probably already have the design you need, it may just look a little different in its current form.

Weapon Types lead to Weapon Models

Weapon types are fairly consistent among Western militaries. This makes good sense as allies can then use similar ammunition and mountings for common weapons. But, while types are consistent, specific models vary depending on a range of factors. For example,

  • Specific Manufacturer
  • Nationality
  • Age of the Design
  • Design Improvements
  • Specialized purposes

But from ACME’s perspective, similar weapon models have similar engineering requirements, and look/function similarly from the technical viewpoint. Similar models share some common features and capabilities too like safety switches, barrel locks, feed mechanisms and more. So, similar models share similar sensors and wiring bundles too. And, similar models have common recoil effects so ACME’s Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) for the type is easily adaptable to several models. Thus, less engineering work to make an existing design meet your needs.

Let’s look at a few weapon models that ACME makes that are based on similar weapon types. Perhaps you’ll see the specific model you need in the list.

7.62mm Automatic Weapons

ACME M240 Simulated Machine Gun and Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) System

ACME M240 Simulated Machine Gun and Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) System

7.62mm is a very common Automatic Weapon that have been manufactured for many years. The round provides good punch at reasonable weight. ACME makes five different variants of the fundamentally same, basic 7.62 automatic weapon:

The differences between the weapon models is mostly cosmetic. The weapons have different grips, butt-stocks, handles, and muzzle flash suppressors but are essentially the same weapon functionally. This weapon is so common worldwide that they are many other variants. ACME can help with those too, often with little or no engineering design necessary.

.50 Caliber Machine Gun Variants

This heavy weight machine gun is very common worldwide. Its basic design exists from around the first World War and it’s been manufactured and exported worldwide. It’s everywhere! The weapon has terrific range, a powerful punch, high rate of fire, and it’s dependable –All good qualities in an automatic weapon. And, it has lots of variations to meet specific mission needs.

Most variations in the .50 caliber weapon fall into a few design buckets:

  • Recoil Attenuation and/or grips
  • Rate of Fire
  • Barrel shrouds and Cooling
  • Feed and Exhaust
  • Charging systems
  • Sights

ACME can build package our .50 caliber replica weapon systems into specific weapon types that address the different design bucket or mission needs. We are experts at the small details like switches, levers, handles, feeds, sights and more that make the replicas look, feel, and function like actual weapons. ACME has made 5 different types of .50 caliber replica machine guns:

7.62mm Multi-Barrel Mini-guns Variants

ACME M134 Machine Gun

ACME M134 Machine Gun

Gunners are always interested in getting more rounds on target in less time. Bolt cycling speed and heat build-up are the greatest limitations for ultra-fast automatic weapons. Richard Gatling’s idea for a rotating, multi-barrel weapon overcame both limitations. In a Gatling-type weapon, each barrel fires less times per second than a single barrel gun which reduces the overall bolt cycling time and heat build-up. The weapon has more time to cool between each shot.

Add an electric motor barrel motor and feed system to Mr. Gatling’s original weapon concept and you have the modern mini-gun. Mini-guns feature very high rates of fire in very small packages.

ACME produces 3 different mini-gun types for customers, all that share basic design features:


Save money and Time –Get Your Replica Weapon from Existing Designs

As you can see, three basic weapon types (7.62mm, .50 Cal and the Mini-gun) lead to 13 different weapon models that produces. And 13 different models are just the start. The key is that this concept of design commonality can work for you too. Need a variant of a 7.62mm replica machine gun for your trainer? Don’t see that particular variant on ACME’s website? No problem, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process of making your variant from our existing designs and capabilities.  The concept also works for more Eastern nation weapons like the 12.5mm heavy machine gun that is similar to the U.S. .50 caliber weapon.