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AH-64 Dynamic Motion Seats - July 2014
ACME recently delivered four new AH-64 dynamic motion seats systems for an overseas customer’s simulator. The seats were delivered as 2-seat shipsets (Pilot and Co-Pilot/Weapon Operator seats). The motion seats use ACME’s 5th generation motion cueing  Read More ...
US. Patent Office has issued ACME a patent for the Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) - May 2014
ACME Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. (“ACME”) announced today that the US. Patent Office has issued ACME a patent for the Gun Active Recoil (GAR) technology that is core to the company’s line of ultra-realistic weapon training systems. In formal terms, the patent “covers... Read More ...
Royal Danish Navy MH-60R Dynamic Motion Seats - April 2014
ACME Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. has been selected by CAE USA to provide dynamic motion seats for the MH-60R Mission Operational Flight Trainer (MOFT) CAE is developing for the Royal Danish Navy.  Under this contract, ACME will provide two MH-60R type True Q® Motion Seats for delivery in 2014. Read More ...
Navy Selects ACME M2 & M240 Gun Active Recoil Systems - March 2014
ACME Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. has been selected by US Navy to supply a M2 and M240 Gun Active Recoil (GAR®) Systems.  Read More ...
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Simulator Engineering Specialists - ACME Worldwide Enterprises, Inc. (ACME) provides complete, life-cycle support for advanced simulator systems through precise engineering solutions and an exceptional management team. Our product lines include g-cueing dynamic motion seats, gun recoil simulators and air refueling trainers.  From design through deployment and beyond, ACME defines simulator excellence. Our solid organizational structure understands customer challenges and develops elegant, practical solutions for a myriad of engineering and management requirements. 

Job Opportunities at ACME

G-Cueing Motion Seats, Gun Recoil Simulators, Air Refueling Trainers and Simulation Services

ACME's Simulation Products and Services

ACME's existing products include: Dynamic Motion Seats for Fixed Wing / Rotary Wing Aircraft , Water and Ground Vehicles; Gun Recoil Simulators for M2, M240, M249, GAU-21, M4 and MK-19 gun models; ; Air Refueling Trainers for KC-10 BOT, KC-135 BOPTT, Boeing KC-767 Air Refueler.

ACME’s goal is to provide our customers with the absolute highest quality service, products, and support. We accomplish this goal with precision, expertise, and teamwork while using the most advanced technology available. For over 15 years, ACME has provided state-of-the-art systems, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering and analysis focused on aviation training and flight simulation. Incorporated in 1994, and SDB/Hub-Zone certified in 1998, the company has successfully completed a variety of contracts in both the public and private sectors. ACME meets and exceeds customer expectations by having committed resources and the supporting infrastructure (especially Internet-based IT technologies) to manage contracts and mitigate performance risk. The results are timely deliveries and efficient solutions. Our history of on-time, on-budget deliveries reflects not only our corporate culture, but the company culture of those with whom we team and subcontract.

We design, develop, fabricate, and test all levels of Full-Flight Simulators (FFS) and Flight Training Devices (FTDs). In addition, we offer expertise in Gun Active Recoil Simulators, Training System Upgrades, Aerial Refueling Simulators and Training, Maintenance Training Devices (Simulated and Compo© 2014 ACME Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved. Web Design), and Locomotive Simulation and Dynamic Motion Seats. We develop Instructor Operating Stations (IOS), system interface devices, and a full suite of software for entire flight simulators that include avionics, communication, navigation, motion, flight, engine, and operational readiness testing. ACME can acquire baselines, re-host and modify existing software packages, and we excel at interpreting and implementing creative, modular software designs to meet or exceed user specifications and the performance data of aircraft.

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KC-767 Tanker Boom Operator Trainer - RARO IOS Station
KC-767 Tanker Boom Operator Trainer

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